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The USB fan from Allteq is a handy gadget that is perfect for the desk, in the bedroom or anywhere where cooling is desired. This mini fan is compact and portable, making it easy to carry to any desired location. With a diameter of 10 cm, this USB fan is large enough to create a pleasant breeze, but small enough not to get in the way.

This USB fan features one speed and is powered via USB, which means it can be connected to any computer, laptop or power bank. This makes it not only handy, but also very energy efficient. In addition, this fan is very quiet, so it does not produce any disturbing noise during use.

The VNTL-009 USB fan is perfect for use in the office, where the air conditioning is not always sufficient. It can also be used in the bedroom, where it provides a refreshing breeze during warm summer nights. In addition, this mini fan is very suitable for use while traveling, where it easily fits in a bag and can be taken on vacation.

The design of this USB fan is very sleek and modern, making it a nice addition to any desk or bedside table. The white color gives it a fresh look and fits well with any interior. In addition, the VNTL-009 USB fan is very durable and long-lasting, making it a good investment for anyone looking to cool down on hot days.

In short, the Allteq USB fan is a handy and energy-efficient gadget that is perfect for anyone looking to cool down on hot days. Whether you use it in the office, at home or while traveling, this mini fan always offers a refreshing breeze. Order it now at, the specialist in consumer electronics.