Herzberg Professional Tools Herzberg Hg-5200; Bosmaaier

€189,00 EUR

The Herzberg HG-5200 is a compact, modular and light switch that has perfect comfort and is guaranteed to be powered by a powerful motor powered by a lawn and lawn. Of course, I don't have the trim of the cantelt, but it's also a professional job. On the basis of a light tweeter, the motor is a multi-tool for landscaping that is efficient in its flight and the speed of your project. You can start it by turning it on and off by changing the trimming.


  • It is possible to minimize the stability and stability
  • An anti-vibration aluminum balancer is designed for maximum stability control.
  • De Krachtige 2-takt 52cc-motor is ontworpen om door extreme bodembedekkingsomstandigheden te snijden
  • Geavanceerde beschermingsplaat voor betere gebruikersbescherming
  • Handgreep Comfortabele Veilige
  • Goede thermal services
  • Stabiel en eenvoudig te gebruiken opstartsysteem
  • Slender light weight covers for a wide range of products
  • Effect of light filter system on the engine
  • Laag geluidslevel en laag energieverbruik


  • Color: silver and orange rand
  • Material: high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Motormodel: 1E4F1F-3
  • Motor speed: 2800-3000 rpm
  • Engine: 52cc
  • Motortype: Carburetor
  • Slag: 2 slagen
  • Cilinder: enkele cilinder
  • Koeling type: luchtgekoeld
  • Vermogen: benzine / gas
  • Wattage: 2000w
  • Aanbevolen mengverhouding: gasoline 25: oil 1
  • Spark plug type: f15
  • Noise DB(A): n/a
  • Pool diameter: 26/28mm
  • Pole Length: 1530mm
  • Measures: nylon trimmerkop in metal blade
  • Material: CE, EAC, EMC, GS
  • Net weight: 8.60kgs


  • Said komt met 2 dozen
  • 1 door for motor 37x29x22 5.6KG
  • 1 doos for bar assembly 165x11x10 3KG