Als je op zoek bent naar het perfecte cadeau om de dromen van je kind...
Een Nieuwe Draai aan Streaming: De Formuler Z11 Pro en Z11 Pro Max BT Editie - Nu met Bluetooth Afstandsbediening!
Excerpt: Discover the Future of Streaming with the Formular Z11 Pro and Z11 Pro Max BT Edition Discover the latest breakthrough in the world of home entertainment with our detailed blog about the Formular Z11 Pro and Z11 Pro Max BT Edition. These advanced streaming boxes, now equipped with an innovative Bluetooth remote control, take your viewing experience to a whole new level. In our blog we explore the impressive features of these devices, from their modern design and powerful performance to their extensive content and app support. We also dive into the benefits of the new Bluetooth remote control, which provides unparalleled ease of use and seamless integration with your home network. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or just looking for the best streaming experience, this blog provides all the information you need about the Formular Z11 Pro BT and Z11 Pro Max BT Edition. Join our discussion and share your experiences and questions about these revolutionary devices!
Nieuw: 2023 FORMULER Z11 Series Februari Update
We're excited to announce the latest software update for the Z11 series, which brings some...
"Qsmarter televisies: de ultieme keuze voor een superieure beeld- en geluidskwaliteit
Qsmarter televisions are the latest generation of televisions with advanced features such as 4K resolution, built-in smart TV platform, voice control, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and more. These televisions are designed to offer superior picture quality, smart features and ease of use, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a new television. In addition, with the built-in smart TV platform, you can access a variety of apps, streaming services and other internet-based content.
De ultieme gebruiksvriendelijke bioscoopervaring met Qsmarter mediaspelers
Qsmarter media players are a great choice for a home theater upgrade. The media players are versatile and user-friendly with an intuitive menu, simple operation and advanced functions such as subtitles, playlists, streaming support and creating your own playlist. The picture and sound quality is high and the price-quality ratio is excellent. Upgrade your home theater with Qsmarter media players.
Introductie van de Z11-serie en MYTVOnline 3
Formuler today launches two new products from the Z11 series: the Z11 Pro Max and the Z11 Pro. These fifth generation media streaming devices from Formuler represent the pinnacle of OTT streaming technology, both in terms of hardware and software compared to previous generations of Formuler set-top boxes. The Z11 Pro Max is the flagship model and features the Android 11 operating system, 6th generation AX wireless communication and a brand new Mali G57 GPU for up to 2x better graphics performance. The Z11 Pro has Gigabit Ethernet and similar features and specifications as the Z11 Pro Max. Visit for more information on the new models, prices and availability.