Wat is een M3U link en hoe gebruik je het?

What is an M3U link and how do you use it?

Dec 19, 2022Önder Ates

M3U is a file type used to store audio and video streams. The links contained in an M3U file point to the locations where the media is located and can be played using a media player, such as VLC or Kodi. M3U links are an easy way to access media without having to search for individual episodes or songs.

Some examples of media boxes that can play M3U:

Where can you find M3U links?

There are several ways to find M3U links. Some channels provide these links on their website so that users can use them to stream the channel. You can also search online for M3U links for different channels or music streaming services. There are also websites that offer aggregated M3U links from various sources. When looking for M3U links, it's important to make sure you download them from a reputable source to avoid dealing with malware or other unwanted software.

How do you use an M3U link?

To use an M3U link, you need a media player that can play M3U files, such as VLC or Kodi. Once you find the link, copy it and paste it into the media player. The media should now start playing. Please note that some M3U links may be temporary and may not always work. If you're having trouble playing an M3U link, it may help to check the link for typos or try a different media player.

Advantages of using M3U links

There are some advantages to using M3U links. First, they provide an easy way to stream media without having to search for individual episodes or songs. In addition, M3U links allow you to easily access media that would otherwise not be available in your region. This could be the case, for example, if you are on holiday in another country and want to access the media you use at home.

M3U links and playlists

One of the useful features of M3U links is that it allows you to easily create playlists. This means that you can store several media items in one M3U file so that you can play them back to back. This can be useful, for example, if you want to create a playlist of your favorite music tracks or if you want to watch a number of episodes of a TV series without having to search for the next episode.

To create a playlist with M3U links, you'll need a text editor, such as Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac. Open the word processor program and enter the links you want to use. Make sure each link is on a new line. Then save the file as an M3U file by appending the .m3u extension to the file name. If you open the file with a media player, the media in the playlist should play.

Security of M3U links

While M3U links are an easy way to access media, it's important to keep security in mind. Some M3U links may lead to websites or streams that contain malware or other malicious software. Therefore, if you download or use M3U links, it's important to make sure you get them from a reputable source. It is also recommended to use a good virus scanner to protect your device from potentially dangerous software.


M3U links provide an easy way to access media assets and create playlists. They are a handy tool for people who like to stream media or create playlists. However, keep security in mind and make sure to download M3U links only from trusted sources to avoid getting malware or other malicious software. If you are careful and use your M3U links properly, you can enjoy a large amount of media without too much trouble.

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